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Congratulations, decorative and polished concrete is a great investment. Did your installer explain how to care for your investment? Do you have a plan for maintenance, who do you call for repairs? That’s where we come in; we have installed decorative and polished concrete since 2000. We are factory trained in a wide variety of products and installation techniques. Prior to 2000, we were floor maintenance specialists. Let us put together a program, that is focused upon your specific needs.


All flooring options require some form of maintenance, and not all flooring is created equal. Tile and stone floors require a different set of tools and maintenance than polished concrete and decorative concrete. Did you know that natural cleaners for tile can etch polished concrete, dulling its luster? We offer maintenance programs that are tailored to your needs. Monthly service, quarterly service, product recommendations and training support for you daily maintenance staff, completely individualized to your needs.


One the most common questions we have been hearing is, “Can our polished and/or decorative concrete, get it’s ”POP” back?” Yes, we have perfected a myriad of techniques, while working with product manufacturers, to give new life to your investment. Polished and decorative concrete can last a lifetime if properly maintained.



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