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American Furniture Warehouse – Compark, Englewood, Colorado
“Uptown” Expansion Project: 78,000 Sq. Ft.


Project Specifications: A huge water feature was to be surrounded by “water” (blue-green acid stained floor), with walkways flowing away like free-flowing streams. The high gloss walkways travel through Uptown, separating furniture galleries that are each a different color acid stain with a flat finish.

Challenges: 2,000 square feet of epoxy and 12,000 square feet of sealer on the concrete had to be removed and needed to acid stain the same as areas that had never been treated. Also, all of the color transitions had to be achieved without scoring the concrete. However, most of the lines were flowing, wavy lines representing the water’s edge. In addition, this project needed to be accomplished in an open retail store. Therefore, fumes and dust had to be kept to a minimum.

Solution: The epoxy and concrete seal were removed without fumes or dust by using a unique non-toxic, chemical process perfected by Concrete Solutions Plus. The treated concrete stained the same as the adjoining concrete, maintaining a natural flow throughout the project. The color transitions were achieved using special masking techniques incorporating a temporary caulk.

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