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Starry Night Café, Fort Collins, Colorado


Project Specifications: The inside of this café was to look like a re-creation of Vincent van Gogh’s painting “Café Terrace at Night.” An artist was hired to paint the walls, and Concrete Solutions Plus would create floors that blend with the walls and look like the painting (including an overlay faux “wood” patio).

Challenges: To successfully apply an overlay that looks like the impressionist style painted by van Gogh. Also, how to make a concrete overlay look like the wood patio and cobblestone street in the painting.

Solution: The entire floor was covered with a micro-topping. The “wood” patio was textured using a fresno trowel to pull over the overlay while it was starting to set. Then, acid stain was worked in with a push broom. Other areas of the floor were left with a smooth surface, however most areas were hand troweled - like the “cobblestone street.” Next, the micro-topping was acid stained. Then, additional coloring and texture was added with colored overlay material to represent brush strokes.

*** Special thanks to Matt Casto for his ideas and hard work. ***

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